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Wednesday, 08 April 2020

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History Of Nashik Police

How It All Began

It was in 1989 that the city requisitioned for Police Commissionerate and the Nashik city got its Commissionerate established on 28th September 1990 and appointed Shri. K.K. Kashyap as the first Commissioner of Police in November, 1990 from Nashik City. Shri. K.K.Kashyap continued to be Police Commissioner up to 1992 and was followed by other IPS officers.

Police Commissioners of Nashik City

1 Shri. K.K.Kashyap 19-Nov-1990 30-Jul-1992
2 Shri P. Chakraworti 30-Jul-1992 2-Apr-1993
3 Shri P.K. Joshi 2-Apr-1993 22-Jan-1996
4 Shri P.P. Sharma 22-Jan-1996 12-Dec-1996
5 Shri P.T. Lohar 12-Dec-1996 24-Jun-1998
6 Shri A.L. Varma 24-Jun-1998 15-Aug-2001
7 Shri P.D. Pawar 15-Aug-2001 6-Aug-2003
8 Shri P.T. Lohar 6-Aug-2003 20-Jul-2004
9 Shri Himanshu Roy 20-Jul-2004 28-Jun-2007
10 Shri S.M. Sayyad 28-Jun-2007 19-Apr-2008
11 Shri Himanshu Roy 19-Apr-2008 4-Apr-2009
12 Shri V.D. Misra 4-Apr-2009 6-Apr-2011
13 Shri Dhananjay Kamlakar 20-Jan-2012 09-Feb-2013
14 Shri K.K. Sarangal Feb-2013 March-2015
15 Shri S. Jaganathan March-2015 28-Aug-2016
16 Shri Ravindrakumar Singal 28-Aug-2016 Feb-2019
17 Shri Vishwas Nangare Patil 02-Mar-2019 Present

The strength of Police in Nashik City in the year 1990 was just 12 Officers governing the city with 6 police stations:

  1. Bhadrakali Police Station
  2. Panchvati Police Station
  3. Sarkarwada Police Station
  4. Satpur Police Station
  5. Nashik Road Police Station
  6. Deolali Camp Police Station

Governing and maintaining Law and Order for Nashik city population of 4,65, 000 covering total area of 155.30 Km2. Since then the Police in Nashik City has undergone several re-organizations for the betterment of policing by expanding and establishing 5 more police stations:

  1. Ambad Police Station
  2. Upnagar Police Station
  3. Indira Nagar Police Station
  4. Gangapur Police Station
  5. Adgaon Police Station

By the year 2007 the city had 11 Police Stations for governing and maintaining Law and Order for Nashik city population which was 49,94,000 covering total area of 259 Km2 and in 2013, 2 more police stations were started on 1 Jan 2016 :

  1. Mumbai Naka
  2. Mhasrul

In 2013 the total strength of Nashik City Police is 214 officers with 55 Staff and 2976 Constabulary at present.

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