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Sunday, 05 April 2020

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Volunteer with Nashik Police

The Nashik Police Support Volunteer programme to provide an opportunity for volunteers to give their time freely in a diverse range of roles in support of police officers and staff. There are no formal qualifications needed for the role of volunteer but honesty, integrity, basic numeracy and literacy are essential. Volunteers should also have a positive and friendly approach towards the public, an ability to work in a team and a willingness to learn new skills.

Volunteers come from all sorts of backgrounds and join the programme for many reasons – but they all should have one thing in common, they are helping to support Nashik Police to improve quality of life of Nashkites.

All tasks undertaken by volunteers are intended to assist or supplement the work undertaken by police officers and police staff.For example, by helping out on the occasion of festive procession in your residential area , volunteers will be able to assist officers and allow them to spend more time on patrol, whilst at the same time making a valuable contribution to community life.

There are many roles that can be undertaken by volunteers like Technical Support, Software Development, Hardware Support, crime prevention in support of the local police teams and liaise with emergency staff in summoning a police response.If you have some time available and would like to make a valuable contribution to increase the safety and security of our communities then get in touch. Together we can help each other to help our diverse communities.

Besides, during Kumbh Mela festivities in 2015-16, we will need support of large number of volunteers to provide better policing services to the visiting devotees in those days. So please come forward and enrich your experience as well.

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