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Wednesday, 08 April 2020

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Know Women Privilege

  • Every policeman is duty bound to ensure that women are treated with due respect. There is no exception to this rule.
  • In cases, where a woman is the complainant, police will make enquiries and investigations expeditiously.
  • When an occasion to arrest a woman or to interrogate a woman witness arises, it is binding upon the police to keep woman police personnel.
  • If a woman is accused, she shall be treated with dignity, irrespective of the nature of the crime committed.
  • Normally, neither shall women be arrested, nor called to a police station between sunset and sunrise. However, under exceptional circumstances, if it is necessary to arrest them or call them to a police station, it is binding upon the police to allow their relatives to stay with them.
  • Accused women are to be kept in the cells specially reserved for them.
  • A rape victim may ask for her medical examination to be conducted by a female doctor.
  • She can also choose to give her statement to lady police personnel. As far as practicable, lady police officer shall be deputed for this job. If it is not possible, it shall be ensured that some local women must be present at the time of registration of FIR and recording of statement.
  • Nashik Police is committed to provide decent treatment to all the citizens, especially women. Any aberrations must be brought to the notice of senior officers.

In Case of a Complaint :

At first, please meet Senior Inspector of the Police Station. If the problem persists, meet Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) of your Division, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of your Zone.

  • Names, addresses and phone numbers of all these officers have been given on this site.

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